About Orange Dracula

Imagine a Woolworth’s or an old Five and Dime…












…Now imagine it run by the ADDAMS family…













That’s the Orange Dracula 5 and 10!








Photo Booth Fun!

Photo Booth Fun!

I’m Chad Smith, owner of Orange Dracula (that’s me on the left in the photobooth with some happy customers).

Why the name “Orange Dracula”? I love all things orange and strange, and I love old horror movies!

I love all things orange, even down to my shoes!

Orange Dracula 5 & 10 is inspired by the old-style dime store (also known as a novelty store or 5 & 10).

Back when I was a teenager, my punk rock pals and I would hang out there (in our town it was a Newberry’s) and we could always count on finding the weirdest stuff.

We got our pictures taken in the photobooth, ate at the lunch counter, and treasured our unusual finds. These days novelty stores have gone the way of the record store and today’s “dollar stores” just aren’t as much fun, so I opened Orange Dracula 5 & 10.

I started out selling buttons (handmade shiny pinback buttons, also known as badges) on eBay, and built a reputation as a Power Seller with great service and fun products.

I’ve always wanted to have a little shop to sell unusual and interesting stuff: buttons, patches, monster models, D.I.Y. craft supplies, black light paints, retro-kitsch and vintage toys, counterculture gear, cards, gifts, journals, 7-days candles, punky goth fashion accessories, classic horror movie memorabilia, and other interesting items.

Our photobooth is real film- not digital!

Come see us “down under” in the Pike Place Market! We are on the third floor down from the pig and the flying fish, or the first floor up if you are coming from the waterfront. We have a REAL old fashioned photo booth, pinball, a vintage Pac-Man, and a HUGE selection of buttons, sundries, and horror, pop culture, punk, goth, and just plain fun novelty items. Hang out, play some pinball, and check out all our groovy stuff.




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Orange Dracula 5 & 10
1501 Pike Place #319
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 632-5064

The dimestore for people with strange and unusual tastes!




Visit us in the Pike Place Market!

Our new retail store is open "down under" on the 3rd level. Your destination for retro-kitsch strange and unusual gifts and more!

Our online store is here!

We are also on Etsy and Ebay if you prefer!
Orange Dracula has what you need!

All sorts of cool stuff!